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My Story

Prior to having my son, I was very fit and active.  I had discovered I loved fitness in my early 20s and moved on to become a fitness instructor part time while also working full time.

When I had my son, my entire life changed (in a good way in many regards, but it was also hard).  I was tired, I wasn't teaching anymore let alone working out.

I felt hopeless.

Then I was approached by health and wellness coach, and my entire life changed.   I slowly got back to 'me'.   The photos on the left represent my very first day, at 240lbs, 8 months post partum.    The photos on the right are me now at 150lbs, 2 years later.

I decided that my life, needed to change. I followed my passion, starting this company as well as coaching moms from the comfort of their own homes.

I offer one on one support, private accountability and personalized nutrition and fitness support.

For more information, email me!

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