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General Questions

Q.  What do I do if I'm exposed to COVID19 outside of class?  

A.  If you have been exposed to COVID19 I ask that you self disclose to me so that we can make anyone who may be exposed as a result aware.   If you are exposed please do not attend class until you are tested for COVID19, I will work with you for make up oportunities.

Q. What happens if it rains for an outside class?

A. I will make a final announcement for those registered for class and post in our Facebook group as well as send an email.   In case of thunder and lightening we will not meet.  If class is canceled we will either have a remote opportunity or extend the series if possible.

Q.  What if I feel sick or my children are potentially sick?

A.  With Covid19 still a risk, I ask that anyone sick or showing signs of sickness stay home, I will make sure you can make up the class either remotely or in a future series.

Q. Are the class instructors certified?

A: Yes! All of our instructors are certified by at least one of the nationally recognized fitness councils (AFAA, NASM, ACE, ACSM, etc) as well as CPR and AED. Some instructors carry multiple certifications and may incorporate a blend of exercises from their various certifications into each class. Some certifications include: Pilates, Pilates with Props, Group Exercise, Working with Prenatal Audiences, Working with Obese Audiences, Child & Adult CPR (with AED), First aid & Personal Trainer. If you need any modifications to exercises, please reach out to your instructor prior to class so we are aware of any limitations or pre-existing injuries.


Q: How do I attend my first class?

A: Contact Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC (203.915.0728 or in advance to obtain the proper forms for class (Waiver, Medical History, and Medical Clearance if you are pregnant or within six weeks of delivery). All forms must be completed and submitted prior to taking your first class.


​Q. What do I need for class?

A: If you are bringing your child(ren), be sure to bring toys, snacks and water as appropriate. In colder weather, you will want to bring proper layers for your child(ren) and keep in mind that they are not working out like we are! We also recommend you bring a blanket for your child(ren) to play on during class. For yourself, dress accordingly (sneakers not needed for Yoga and Pilates), wearing layers as appropriate. You will want to consider wearing supportive sneaker,s a sports bra and layers for Boot Camp classes. Please also bring water, a snack if you tend to get hungry or light headed when working out, a yoga mat, towel and a positive attitude! On sunny days consider sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen for both you and your child(ren).


Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: You will want a towel or yoga mat for all classes. For Boot Camp, please bring a set of 3 or 5lb weights (if you bring heavier, we recommend also having a set of lighter weights as a back up).


Q: For outdoor classes, what happens if it is raining?

A: We will post on our Facebook Page any updates to classes as necessary. However, if you are still uncertain please do not hesitate to contact Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC (203.915.0728 or


Q: How should I prepare for class?

A: Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after class as well as eat within two hours of class. Please bring a snack for yourself if you tend to get light headed when working out. If you haven’t worked out since giving birth, no need to prepare specially for class. Just let your instructor know and they will modify exercises for you. If you are within two months post partum, please keep in mind jumping is not advised, so take appropriate modifications as identified by your instructor. 


Q: Can I bring a friend, even if they don’t have children? ​

A: Of course! The more the merrier. Just make sure anyone you bring with you also signs a waiver and medical history form, regardless of if they have given birth. I know I brought my mother with me to many classes during the first few months post partum!


Q: What happens in the winter?

A: The winter is when we need to work out the most after days cooped up inside! Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC works to find indoor locations and times for as many classes as possible. We love to hear suggestions for indoor (kid friendly!) venues, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a space that you think we should consider.


Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: We often publish special discounts on our Facebook Page as well as through our newsletter. Be the first to know by 'Liking' us and signing up to receive Newsletters. 




Q: What happens if my baby gets upset during class, can I hold them?

A: Babies cry, wiggle, worm and sometimes even spit up! Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC was created so that as a mom you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed or overwhelmed if these occur during your workout! We’ve all been there, and that camaraderie is what makes these classes so special. Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC instructors will work to help with crying babies when possible so you can continue with your workout, but please never hesitate to pick up your child during class and incorporate them into a move, or take a break to sooth them. Babies love being kissed on the ‘down’ phase of a push up!


Q: What if I need to feed my baby during class?

A: Babies get hungry, especially newborns, so feel free to feed when your baby needs it! This is one of the benefits of Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC. Weather it’s milk, formula or crackers feel free to do what you need to feed your baby and jump back into class when you can. 


Q: Are there age restrictions on what kids can attend class?

A: We welcome all children from newborns up to high school! If you can convince your high schooler to come to class, that is! The wide range of ages makes it fun, and gives all children the opportunity to find a playmate during class. It’s another benefit to Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC as you can learn more about the other mom’s in the classes and meet their children! 


Q: Am I limited in how many children I can bring?

A: The more the merrier. If you have a handful of kids at home, you most likely need these classes!  




​Q: Can I attend classes while pregnant?

A: Of course! Exercise is said to help with an easier pregnancy and smoother delivery. We just require that you provide a Medical Clearance Form from your doctor. It is not recommended that you start a vigorous exercise routine in the first or third trimester, so listen to your body and your doctor. Be sure to let your instructor know how far along you are so that they can modify accordingly. Owner, Kim McIntosh, worked out until she was 36 weeks pregnant teaching 5 classes a week. Listen to your body and your doctor.  


Q: How soon after having a child can I attend class?

A: You can start attending classes after six weeks post partum, or sooner if you provide a Medical Clearance Form from your doctor. Keep in mind your body has been through a lot, so don’t hold yourself to pre-pregnancy standards right away! 


Q: Can I take classes while nursing?

A: Absolutely, just be sure to stay hydrated, as you’ll need those fluids to replenish your milk. Feel free to come to class a little early, or stay a little late to feed your baby! If you have any discomfort in your chest, please let your instructor know so that they can modify exercises in the prone (laying on your stomach) position as needed.




​We tried to answer as many questions as we could think of, but we may have missed one or two so please contact us (203.915.0728 or

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