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Kim McIntosh

Kim is the owner and founder of Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC.  She first received her Pilates certification through Peak Pilates in 2007, having earned additional certifications through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America over the past 11 years (Pilates with Props, Group Fitness, Personal Trainer, Working with Unique Audiences).   She is also both CPR and AED certified through the American Heart Association.   Kim had been teaching Pilates and Group Fitness since 2007, through her 38th week of pregnancy.  When her son was born in 2013, she struggled as many moms do to continue to find time for her health and fitness.  She founded Fit and Balanced Mom, LLC in 2014 to help empower moms, build community and share her love of health and wellness.   Kim has a 4 year old Benjamin who attends most of her classes and is currently pregnant with another boy due in August!

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